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          Shanghai senlin special steel co., LTD., since its inception in the 1980 s, is a magnificent team history, is a touching history of entrepreneurship has always been to "customer trust by quality, to trust for business philosophy, won the industry customer recognition, win the market dominant position".

        Always use "quality to gain customer trust, to trust business philosophy, to win the recognition of industry customers, to win market dominance".


        We set the age of wisdom,

        Focus on building project safety.

        Do the most thoughtful consideration, and protect silently.

        High quality products and services, with wisdom.

        The more customers think and lead the market demand.

        Enterprise honor

        Product center

        We set wisdom to open the era, intentions focus on construction safety, do the most comprehensive consideration, silently guard.

        Industry market

            We set the age of wisdom and focus on building safety. Do the most thoughtful consideration, and protect silently. High-quality products and services, with wisdom beyond the customer's thinking, leading the market demand.

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        t1.png address: no. 28, sentang road, zhuqiao town, pudong new area, Shanghai.


        t3.pngsales hotline: 86-021-58933316.

        t4.pngoperator: 86-021-60125178.


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